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About me

Empowering families & supporting postnatal mental health

Hello & welcome! I'm Megan, a passionate Infant Sleep Consultant, and a mum to an energetic toddler


I am a Level 6 certified Holistic Sleep Coach, having trained under Lydnsey Hookway with the BabyEm Holistic Sleep Coaching Programme

This highest level of training has given me all the knowledge and expertise so that I can help support families with their child's sleep in the best way possible

I have been where you are now... in situations you are finding unsustainable but really struggling to know where to turn or what to do to change things but in a way that still feels responsive and true to your instincts...

My daughters sleep was never plain sailing, we have co slept, supported to sleep through feeding, rocking, cuddling, motion, muddled through hourly wakes all in the name of reflux. The key here is that things can get better and things can change, something is only a problem if it's a problem for you and it has become unsustainable...

This is why I trained to be able to help support babies, toddlers and families through challenges and help you achieve the sleep you all deserve 

My level of expertise means I thoroughly understand the science behind baby sleep from newborn up to pre school age, giving me the knowledge as to why things will be happening and creating bespoke plans and no blanket approaches


My Approach

I use a truly holistic approach when analysing sleep, this approach ensures the total picture is taken account of, ensuring I give you the best and most bespoke support to support in achieving your sleep goals.


My method is supporting you to achieve better sleep for the long term  and giving you the tools to achieve this.​ I truly understand how detrimental poor sleep can be to mental health, how clouded and dazed it can make you feel. I am here to support and guide you to achieving better, more restful sleep and in turn remove the mental fog and see brighter days.​


I will work with you to understand the entire picture so that I can fully tailor methods and approaches for your infant and family.  There is a whole toolbox of ways to improve sleep and it is not a one size fits all approach. I have been where you are, sleep deprivation and feeling at a complete loss of what to do or where to turn, I am here to provide that support and guide you to better and restful sleep for your little ones and in turn your family.

My methods are gentle and attachment based, I use no cry it out or controlled crying methods, my methods are fully responsive and adaptable bridging the gap between having to wait it out or cry it out.

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